Users have the option to lock their $LAB tokens for a duration of up to 2 years. The longer they choose to lock their tokens and the greater the quantity of $LAB tokens they lock, the higher their xLAB balance becomes (xLAB is the locked version of the $LAB token).
xLAB=My lockup period2year×Locked LAB\rm xLAB= \frac{\rm My~ lockup~period}{\rm 2 year}\times Locked~LAB
And depending on their xLAB score (xLAB stake), users can receive various benefits from the protocol's ecosystem. For example, Yield Boost (up to 3x), part of the platform fees, and $LAB staking rewards.
my Score=my xLABtotal xLAB \rm my~Score = \frac{\rm my~xLAB}{\rm total~xLAB~}
These benefits incentivize users to participate in the locking mechanism and contribute to the protocol's stability and growth.

$LAB Token utility:

Yield Boost
Share of Platform Fees
Locking Rewards
The unique Yield Boosting System at LayerBank enhances user APR based on their xLAB stake rate(Score). The Boost multiplier increases as your Score, influenced by lockup duration and amount, rises, with a maximum boost of 3x.
new a=min(3×a , a+(1.5×A×my Score))new~a = min(3\times a~, ~a+(1.5\times A \times{\rm my ~Score }))
: This represents your total supplied or borrowed amount. For instance, if you supply 100 USDC to LayerBank, 'a' is 100.
new anew~a
: This is the new amount increased by the APR booster. For example, if you receive a 2x boost multiplier, your 'new a' becomes 200 when supplying 100 USDC.
: This denotes the total supplied or borrowed amount within the protocol. For instance, if the total USDC supplied in the protocol is 1 million, 'A' is 1 million.
For example, if you supply 100 USDC to the protocol with a Score of 15%, and the total USDC supplied in the protocol is 1000, your 'new a' would become 300, and you receive a 3x boost multiplier. If your reward APR was initially 10%, it would increase to 30%.
However, it's important to note that as other users also lock up tLayerBank has a distinctive protocol revenue sharing system that distributes weekly protocol revenue in proportion to a user's Score (xLAB share). The sources of protocol revenue include:okens, and the total amount of locked $LAB tokens increases over time, your Score may decrease if you don't maintain constant lockups.
LayerBank has a distinctive protocol revenue sharing system that distributes weekly protocol revenue in proportion to a user's Score (xLAB share).
Protocol revenue sources:
  • Interest Fees : Revenue generated from interest fees on loans within the protocol.
  • Liquidation Penalty : Revenue from penalties imposed during liquidations.
  • Fees for claiming platform revenue share
Users can claim platform revenue share, but it can only be received in $LAB tokens. There is a 5% fee associated with claiming this share, and the fees collected are used to perform buybacks of $LAB tokens. This strategy is designed to significantly benefit the long-term value of the $LAB token.
LAB token stakers receive $LAB staking (locking) rewards in proportion to their xLAB score.
If your xLAB score is 10%, and the weekly LAB reward allocation is 100,000, your share would be 10,000 LAB. This allocation ensures that stakers are rewarded according to their xLAB score, reflecting their contribution to the protocol.
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