LayerBank is launching the LayerBank Points program to share new chains and potential airdrops from those chains with users!

Supply, Borrow, and $ULAB staking will earn L.Points on each chain.

The more points you earn, the more airdrops you will receive. The points program operates separately on each chain.

How do you earn L.Points?

Points are distributed every 6 hours, and users can check their points on the Rewards page of each chain.

The tasks are as follows:

  1. Supply: Supplying $1 worth of assets earns 0.3 L.Point.

  2. Borrow: Borrowing $1 worth of assets earns 1.2 L.Points.

  3. Staking $ULAB: Every 1 x$ULAB (Locked (=staked) version of $ULAB) earns 10 L.Points.

Additionally, to encourage TX volume on each chain, Intercating points will be earned for all the above actions.

All accumulated points are updated every 6 hours and reflected on the leaderboard every 24 hours.

*Please note that even though the program is operated on all chains, we cannot guarantee a 100% chance of airdrops on every chain.

*The sharing ratio of airdrops may be strategically adjusted for each chain. For example, some shares may be used for $ULAB token buybacks.

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